Best Part

        Yesterday is just a plain day for me. The usual routine: Went to the office, Back logging of files, lunch.. I was really really bored that I’m just pretending to do my job but all I’m doing is trying to look for a promo for our Ilocos tour plan. Then suddenly, my best friend Jaka, from High School came into my mind. I remembered, we plan to see each other countless times for 2 years since she’s already here in Manila for college. I have nothing to do after work so I decided to ask her if we could already see and catch up sa mga ganap with each other. After a few hours, she replied. The usual convo pa rin: Saan magkikita? Saan kakain? Anung gagawin? Etc. (hayyy, we never change). Until everything is set and the instructions she gave me regarding the way is clear since it will be my first time to go to  Espaῆa (knowing myself, I do know that I’m good in understanding routes). She told me to alight at G. Tolentino or P. Noval. I just told the driver every instruction she gave me. So here it goes,  when the driver told me that we’re in P. Noval already, I immediately went down, walk along the corner of UST and stood there while waiting for Jaka’s text. I texted her many times and she’s not responding and I’m starting to get pissed as I stood at that hollowed corner. Then a phone number sent me a message (which I thought is Jude, Jaka’s sister) telling me to go straight then left then right (in short, magulo!) so I assumed that it is Jaka. “Ang tanga mo” “Wala ka talagang kwenta” “Sabunot ka talaga sakin” are my words. Obviously, I’m pissed but those words is just the usual for the both of us so I don’t think that she’s getting scared or anything. Eventually, I was able to understand the way clearly. Im on the right street but wrong side. So I crossed the street and I don’t know if I’m really at the right way already but I know I am, wtf. FINALLY!! Jaka saw me and I just wanna kick her and tweak her hair and so on and I figured out that it was Arman (another high school friend) who is texting me all along about the way. Yeah, he’s been the one im texting with that “Wala ka talagang kwenta” thing that makes me hate Jaka more!!…lol. We had our dinner at.. I wasn’t able to check the name of the resto but it’s along Espaῆa Blvd. for sure, its a Japanese Resto because we had Ramen for dinner. Chikka chikka came along then we bought Dunkin’ Donuts and try to look for a violet Pillows. Jaka wants all of that. As in she can eat the whole time that we’re together! (I hope she wouldn’t be able to read this. Hahaha) We went to her condo and it’s been a while since the last time I saw Jude and Miel (another high school friends) so I guess it’s a good thing that we went there even for a short time. When I was about to go home, I remembered something that i really want to tell Jaka personally and I was also craving for a milk tea  Soooo we looked for a place where we can have a tête–à–tête and a milk tea haha. convenient store’s seats were occupied good thing there’s a Starbucks to save the kwento and my craving. hahaha The chat lasted until 11 PM without me realizing that i still have a work to do the following day. So I decided to go home and Starbucks is about to close na rin naman. I really hope that my secrets are really safe with that bitch girl. hahaha

I missed her so much…

I also lost my money nga pala on my way home. I just prayed that a needy person will be the one to see and get that money. Okay na sakin yun. haha the positive thing is that I gained more than what i loss. Money can be earned, but what’s meant for that moment will never happen again and that’s to remember a lifetime i suppose.

 One thing that I always love when I’m with her is that phones were really aside (this is unintended) and our mouths are the ones that creates the pictures in our heads to remember forever.



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