Random Things About Me

  1. I love everything coffee flavored
  2. I’m so not into rides at amusement parks
  3. I can watch a bunch of series in my entire life.
  4. Totally not interested about anything in anime
  5. I love to annoy everyone at home specially my mom.
  6. I usually go to the restroom every time I feel sleepy and nap for 5 minutes
  7. Havaianas forevss
  8. I have a separation anxiety disorder.lol
  9. Rainy days makes me feel so happy. I feel like rain makes everything better.
  10. You don’t have to bother laughing at my jokes because I can laugh at my own jokes.
  11. 40 degrees heat index wouldn’t be enough if there’s a ramen in front of me.
  12. I love going to the mall in my pambahay wear.
  13. I never liked horror movies. There is this teary eye effect every time I hear scary stories.
  14. I’m a nice person. Just don’t piss me off
  15. I am allergic to those people who plays like a critic about random things. So annoying!
  16. I keep quiet when I’m real mad.
  17. I’m a clingy type of friend like “friend, hug mo nga ako.” “Waaaahhhh, I miss you!”  ganern
  18. I laugh so loud.
  19. I love singing in the bathroom like I’m having a concert. Using the deeper as my microphone.
  20. Spicy foods are one of my 0n-top list all-time favorite.
  21. I’m trying to improve myself with books.
  22. I’m a certified Potterhead men!
  23. I want to be an Astronomer someday.
  24. I don’t accept comments from everyone. Kanya kanyang buhay dude!
  25. I’m always hyper at night.

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