The Sunday Currently-07


After a hectic, neck-strangling week, I decided to spend my Sunday doing nothing after going to church. Exams are still on for next week but I just don’t wanna do anything today and I believe I deserve that. After all, it’s my fingers itching to write.


reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Oh, exciting day! And I’m excited to write my reaction about it.

writing The Sunday Currently 07. It’s my best way to relax myself after last week..last week that I don’t want to remember my entire life. Gosh

listening to Annalise Keating’s voice since my roomie decided to watch HTGAWM. I’m excited for season 3 anyway. Really can’t wait anymore.

thinking of what can be my inspiration in life to exert more effort about everything especially for my studies. Sadly, the parentals doesn’t even miss me.. at all. If I’m going to speak up my mind right now, sad chaos.

smelling glade’s air cleaner and I hate it. It makes me sneeze.

wishing to cut all my connections with my parents. Kung pwede lang talaga.

hoping for a great week ahead.

wearing my blanket. Well, probably the things that makes me happy at this moment is my blanket and ramen and froyo. Nothing else. and I’m happy with it.

needing a clarity of what’s going on and what will be up in my life. Apparently I need one. I’m a terrible person.

feeling sad. Don’t know why.


Praying peacefully alone is one of the things I look forward on Sundays. That’s the only time wherein I can escape form the reality of being all alone and forgotten in this huge spinning ball of clay. I was lucky that I have this personal connection with God every time I call for Him cause my parents doesn’t have that. But thanks anyway for being such a good provider.

Be happy, self.


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