During the finals week, my friends already planned to have a jaunt somewhere around manila. With all the stressful assessments and pressuring kuno of our professors (damn, they’re so demanding), I think we should really take a break and treat ourselves with something new and amazing considering the limit of money everyone can produce. As days passed by, some of our friends didn’t wanna come (this usually happen, causing the plan to submerge, ugh) because of their own personal reasons. Can you just imagine how irritating and inconsiderate that is?? Hahaha joke. Thank goodness it happened! STAR CITY YO! I’m not totally into rides, as in totally! Only a few friends from High school can force me to ride those son of a b—- buffalo wings (and when I say few mga dalawa o isa lang, ganon). Since this is my first time to be with my college peers, let’s see what this crazy radicals have for me…


We decided to leave for Star City after our very last and final exam in Circuits 2, perfect timing!

Let me first introduce my alliances (by hook or by crook. haha) at all times:

Elaine (a.k.a Shall, Marcial, Marsh, etc.)

-she is my best bi-atch buddy. We have each other’s deepest secrets of all time.


-He’s one of my favorite. Very genial.


– My know-it-all friend. He’s the person to look for if you have a question regarding everything. HAHAHAHA

Jovie (I call her Jubeng)

-the most generous of all. She never say no to us (her friends)


-We’re mostly rivals. But he’s also the one who covers all the bases and very considerate with others.


-Yes, he’s adobo is w@#$%^&*(), in short, I can’t explain! You’ll forget your name when you taste it. He’s my Harry Potter chum.


-the wallflower.


-Goofy, silly-headed, most annoying friend of mine.

Bryan (a.k.a BA)

-the silent chismoso. My ever clingy friend.

Bryan (a.k.a Cabada)

-the lover boy of our dear friend, Mica. He’s gentle and very caring. Conservative to the highest level sya.

10580265_971688782867702_4018457317766620094_n (2)

(In sequence from left to right)

Mico, that’s me, Ruel, Nicol, Alec, BA, Jovie, Elaine, Rhovel, Mica, and Cabada. Bow HAHAHAHA


All of them were into rides except me and Ruel. They’re trying to corner me so that I can’t back out. Most of the rides were fine except for the Viking, I’m so nauseous and I had to hang on for a second after riding. I decided to sit for a while and let them continue with the rides and promise myself not to ride anything else.

Here’s the pictures!

10299016_971689222867658_8697544826628160502_n1909675_971662166203697_6300980735861400265_n934039_971718326198081_5569234424050783261_n1923508_972141509520926_3383364044791633376_n12814178_971719916197922_9191467727873638908_n10372051_971685222868058_997898340854086387_n10155883_971720049531242_8769039199682995138_n1655970_971685416201372_2696727877996986391_n12814650_971685996201314_5395993908265080433_n12821598_971688959534351_8721991609884694228_n (1)This reminds me of Daenerys Targaryen. lol


It’s a broken promise anyway. With the kind of lunatic friends I have, foolishness all over the place all the time!!


One more amazing thing happened. It’s always been my desire to lay down along a very busy road in the morning and seems to be a very wide bed at night. It’s already 2 in the morning and we’re already walking towards the way home. We were about to cross the pedestrian when I told my friends to please link me up while i lay down the street for the road is very quiet. They’re all with me in this one. Mico immediately took a photo since a car is approaching already. We waited till we hear the car horning towards us and run. The laughter shred along the way and I was really happy though. A list has been crossed out from the bucket.

To sum it all up, it was indeed a blissful and a worth-the-pagod day! So good to have friends that is fully daft and insane as I am. This may sound cliche but I will always be grateful and thankful to have them in my life!



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