The Sunday Currently-05


What can be any better than waking up feeling naturally cold by the rain right? My very comfortable blanket wrapped in my body and with my socks on and a serial??. What a Good Morning!


reading some reviews, reactions, rumors and news regarding Awkward. I just can’t get enough of it. I’d finished the last season tonight and it makes me sad that probably this would be the last season of Awkward. Now I’m being angry to myself! I should’ve watched this before! #Regrets

writing The Sunday Currently 05. Updated blog yo!

listening to my roomie’s (Jovie) stupid story that happened today. I’m not 100% focused in what she is saying because I still can’t get over Awkward and Matty!! But as far as I’m absorbing her story, it’s about how she effin made her suitor stop from doing everything between them because of some issues. Gurl, love is really complicated. Even an apple will choose to be an apple rather than dealing with b-apple probs. #WalangForever #Ampalaya

thinking of ways on how to reach MTV for Awkward’s S6. PLEASE!! PLEASE!! If you need anyone to reason out why does it deserves to have another season, JUST PM ME. My facebook and twitter account is so much active and I will answer your questions *crying emoji x3*

smelling Jollibee’s spaghetti. I had to eat! Na-stress ako kay Matty at Jenna ng bongga!


  1. To Pass all my incoming exams ESPECIALLY Numerical Methods.
  3. To see Matty in person.
  4. For a Caesar Salad to appear beside me right now.

hoping for Awkward’s Season 6 L See how serious I am about this. How to get away with Murder is already shooting for S3 and it will be beyond perfect if Awkward will have their season 6. What will be Jenna’s decision regarding SCU and Wycoff?? How about Luke? Especially Matty, how about Matty?? Gahhhhhhhhhhhhh

wearing a silk short sleepwear and a bra. #Comfy lol

loving Beau Mirchoff and Ashley Rickards and this Matcha Ice cream I bought earlier after Church. I’m not yet done with my stalking keme for these two. I have to focus on my review and I will get back to you guys. J and M

wanting to go to Bora Bora in French Polynesia. The image is clearer here since Maldives is way more expensive and a bit impossible in my case (a student). Reality is I want to travel alone once in awhile. But one more reality is that how will I tell the parentals about my plans knowing that there is a 99.9% probability that they will not agree with my plan. Hang in there Clang, THEY WILL AGREE!!

needing a help from Kuya Ted for my Numeth exam which reminds me to pm him right now.

feeling a little nostalgic given the fact that I don’t need to stay up until 5 am for Awkward tonight. Maybe the urge to finish it fastly isn’t a good idea. Now I have nothing to do.


Yes, my day has been about Awkward. I went to church and that’s the only thing that can get me out of my bed (and peeing of course). To anyone of you who knows anyone from MTV, kindly tell them about having Awkward’s season 6 and I (as a fan) am being serious about this.

Sunday has been hella fast so was my serial life. Pasukan nanaman bukas!!!!!

Hay, Awkward.


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