The Sunday Currently -03

Last week has been one hella week for me. Imagine almost the entire subject professors attended the class. Anyway, it’s father’s day today and sadly, I wasn’t able to come home because of an exam tomorrow. Thank God for making Sunday. The only day that everything goes well.

reading W. Edwards Deming background and contribution to the world. I have to make a ppt afterwards and report all about him on Wednesday. People and topics were listed and will be assigned to a random pick of students.

Professor: Charizza Legisma

Me: Sir! *raise hands*

Professor: William Deming

Me: Okay po.

Out of my 49 classmates, how lucky I am to be picked as the first one to report. Very Lucky! *clap* *clap* *clap*

writing “I promise I will turn off all electrical utilities and plug of all electric fans after use.”  No one ever liked this kind of punishment. It’s totally a waste of time and energy and trees. We only have few remaining trees for our paper source then our class will be writing 24 pages back to back, 50 sentences written above per page just because we forgot to  unplugged the fan we used during one of our class and leave. One more thing that pissed me is that I’m absent that day. I’m in the plane going back to Manila when that incident happened. No exceptions. Okay clang, just write.

listening to Coldplay featuring Beyonce’s Hymn for the Weekend.

thinking of getting some exercise since my friend/classmate/roomie, jovie is doing it tricely almost everyday. She want to have a visible abs that’s why. I’m still thinking.

smelling my aromatic, newly trimmed hair.

wishing to have a licensed video editing app for my computer for months now. Gahhhhhh, ma, pa!!!

hoping for a very fruitful semester. Hopefully, all my professors will do everything they said during our first meeting with them. Based on experience, out of the 10 things my past prof’s said, only 2 is considered to be done.

wearing a blue printed t-shirt from Human and a sleepwear pol’ka dot short from The SM store. haha

loving my life again since me and my father forgave each other regarding some issues. Yikes, I still love them.

wanting a pizza since last night. I believe that me and Jovie will eat pizza later. Kahit anong pizza. Basta pizza!

needing to go back to Laguna. I left a lot of errands esp. going to the dentist for my monthly adjustment.

feeling happy. Totally happy.

Happy Father’s day to your tatays!! It’s the time to appreciate all of their hardworks for us although we, sometimes hurt their feelings for some stupid reason.

Pa, sorry talaga. I love you po.

And shoutout to my friend, Rien. Happy Birthday! My deep anticipation to see you coz I really miss you. And congrats to your parents for having a humble and pretty daughter like you (srsly, their genes are wonderful.) Love you so much little pony.

We still have a few hours till tomorrow. Enjoy, have fun and do everything that makes you happy…for tomorrow is another start of a whole unfinishing routine of what so called ‘life’

God bless everyone!


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