The Sunday Currently – 01

Helloiee! Since it’s summer  and I have nothing to do, I decided to of course, focus more on blogging. This is my first ever The Sunday Currently draft. I wonder why most bloggers have ’em and now I know. lolssss

reading my cousin’s resume and application letter. She wants to apply for a new job and asked me if I can help her with it. No problem dear! *wink*

writing my my first ever The Sunday Currently and Some Nights. You guys better wait for this “Some Nights” kuno. I actually have a lot of pending posts for my blog but with all the busyness keme at work, I wasn’t able to finish it. But I promise you guys, i will!

listening to the noise of the electric fan in front of me. Besides that, nothing else.

thinking of what to wear on my fam’s beach outing this coming weekend. Goodness! All my clothes were left in Manila so I guess the power of mix matching and creativity will lead me to it. I’m also thinking of this evaluation exam that will be given during the first week of the term. I don’t even have any reviewer here with me and i actually doesn’t want to ruin my summer so nevermind clang! May the odds be in my favor, as usual. haha

smelling this freshly laundered sheets beside me. Ang bango!

wishing to have a yogurt maker. That’s all.

hoping for a real and big change for this country. I noticed that every Filipino is longing and craving for an improvement and betterment of this nation.  So, let’s see…

wearing a plain baby-pink sando sleepwear top and a checkered sleepwear shorts. It’s 1 pm and I’m still lying here at our cleopatra chair at  home.

loving this Mango Jelly that my friend’s mom made. It was really one of a kind. Yeah, now I’m craving, ugh.

wanting a black forest cake and a piece of Jalapeno dynamite for weeks now. Someone get me those please!!

needing a licensed video editing app since I wanted to practice my video editing skills. Ma, pa, HELLO! #WalangMagawasaBuhay #Tambay

feeling excited for the beach outing this weekend. I already went to the beach earlier this month but it’s my greatest escape of all no matter how prickly my sunburn gets, I’m a happy girl.

I hope you’re enjoying this day. The parentals left the house because of I-don’t-know reason. Still, being alone is one of the best feeling though. It is after all the best and the happiest day of the week! Adios!




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