The Sunday Currently-06


It’s a cold gloomy night. Nothing came up in my mind today except for going to church and review for my NuMeth exam. How I wish I could stop the time or maybe skip Saturdays.


reading my notes about Laplace. I’m actually dealing with two languages, Math and English and believe me, it’s not easy. I wonder why I didn’t accept my mom’s offer to take Educ for College. I should’ve listen to her. Moms really know what’s best. Better listen to them regarding college and think a hundred  a thousand times if you plan taking up any engineering courses. Peace of advice 🙂

writing The Sunday Currently 06. Since I have been stressing my day, I decided to stop for a while in solving and have some work done in blogging and I really miss writing badly.

listening to Boyce Avenue’s Fast Car cover. One of my fave for life!

thinking of ways on how will I pass my four (4) exams this week. I know I’m well guided. I already had a convo with St. Jude and God this morning and ask for their guidance and strength, I’m gonna do my part.

R E V I E W, clang.

smelling the cold breeze of the wind and my lollipop. It’s a good thing that something is in your mouth while having a review. It didn’t really make you feel sleepy and we all know that studying makes us totally sleepy, it’s like a lullaby.

wishing to overcome the week with good exam results. And to see Matty, of course. In person.

Hoping for my greatest luck to stick with me until my last exam.

wearing a blue jammies and a pink sando and socks.

needing to go home in Laguna cause I really miss my mom. I haven’t see her for 3 weeks and I really want to feel her skin 😦

feeling nervous, excited, determined, hungry, and cold all at the same time.


On a positive note, I know I’m gonna pass all the exams and breathe after this neck strangling event of my life.

Enjoy the rest of the night. Ciao!





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