“When I’m the one who needs help, no one is there.”


A Day at EK


It’s my boyfriend’s 21st birthday last January 12 and we decided to celebrate his birthday at EK with our friends since we do not have classes that day. As I’ve always said, I’m not really a fan of amusement parks but since it’s Christian’s birthday, he’s the boss for a day. He wants EK.

I’m happy that my boo enjoyed his day and as for me, I enjoyed taking photos and videos. haha I only got one friend who can make me ride those creepy rides. ONE DAMN FRIEND- shoutout jella!!! 😆



Thank God for the gift of friendship!




xo Camie J!

091717, Camie Juan’s last meet up. 

Months before, I saw a tweet of hers saying that she’s about to live the country and had a poll regarding a meet and greet. I’ve never been into such thing yet I didn’t even hesitated to decide that I’m going. 

Bitter sweet. She’s leaving but I’ll be able to see her. 


>> to the meet up….

My boo’s there giving me moral support hahaha. I even asked him to just hand Camie my gift and go home after. I’m sick tho and need to go to my chirotherapy after.

1pm si the meet up time at SB Molito. I was ordering and Camie entered. I heard my boyfriend say “Shet babe, ang cute nya!” And I said, “Tang;$@”! Oo nga!!”


I was walking through the stairs and thinking of what to say then she was  on her way to order. And im like, “Oh hi!!” And she’s so cute. Im just hoping that my boyfriend is taking pictures of me.

I never planned to speak coz I just want to see her. That’s all I want. But the meet up was so casual and chill that it feels like I’ve known my co-readers and camie for a while. 

It’s really sad that I had to leave early since I feel really sick and I have a schedule of chiro later that day. 

I’m very happy. At least I met Camie J who by the way is in NYC na and complaining how expensively New York is 😂 uwi na! Hahahaha

I’ll see you soon 😘



Happy Easter everyone!!!! I was actually finalizing my requirements for my internship and I was able to gather everything I need in such a short time so here I am, so very very happy to do my Sunday Currently!!! 


reading my previous Sunday Currently since I barely forgot the contents. I’m kidding. I’m so happy!!!!!

writing The Sunday Currently 08. It’s just a month and a half since my last post yet it feels like it’s almost 5  months. Maybe because I blog too much before but given that I’ve got tons of things to do regarding my studies, I have no choice. But believe me, I’d rather prioritize blogging. JOKE!!😄✌️(-s are half meant to be true.lol)

listening to Moana’s How Far I’ll Go coz I AM MOANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I tell everyone that. ☺️

smelling these puto but siopao look-a-like that my mother bought in Quiapo. Everytime my mother gets a chance to run a quick errand in Quiapo, She never forget to buy those. But honestly, It taste amazing!

wishing that:

-I will enjoy my new internship

-all the bitches texting my father have a terrible life

-my mom will lessen her snobbishness to my father

hoping for a better experience in my internship and goodness all over the world. You know, Jesus has risen! Woohoo!!

wearing my jammies and an apple green sando. Yeah, I love being at home. A little sad that vacation is over and excited at the same time. NGCP, here I come!!!!!!

needing to see my boo.. hihi

I had a roller coaster ride-kind of emotions last week. I’m praying for the better things to happen in my life and my family.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Annyeong!



For This Day



Today we celebrate the most powerful thing of all in the universe- LOVE.

We often think of it as a celebration of 2 people who mutually feel some romance and love between them right?

Yeahhhhh, raining flowers and chocolates on my timeline later for sure. lol

Guysssssssss, this is a celebration for us to remind and remember the people who truly love us and how love is very essential to all of us  like friends and family and for some reasons, I find it more special when I spend this day with my friends or family.

In my case, I mostly spend my valentine’s day with my parents at home. Though I have someone who, you know. hahaha but right now, I’m about to take a bath coz I’ve got a class. haha

I made this blog for others to know that Valentine’s day isn’t for lovers alone but for anyone who truly love someone like families and friends so seize and enjoy the day fellas!

P.S. Don’t forget to greet your parents!! 💞

P.S.S. I’ve got you a list of songs that will make you feel that love is in the airrrrrr!!💙💙💙

  1. The Way you Look Tonight- Frank Sinatra
  2. Fast Car- Tracy Chapman 
  3. Tonight I Celebrate my Love- Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack
  4. In Your Arms- Kina Grannis
  5. Everything- Michael Buble
  6. Best Day of My Life- American Authors
  7. Can’t Help falling in Love- Elvis Presley
  8. Unchained Melody- Righteous Brothers
  9. Waiting in Vain- Bob Marley
  10. Iris- Goo Goo Dolls

1oth is my fav because of the movie  ‘City of Angels’  who featured one of my fav actress Meg Ryan.

Happy Valentine’s Day!








Up, Awake.

Thinking of the last 19 years I had as a human being in this huge spinning ball of clay. I always wonder how life has so much to offer to each individual. And here I am, grateful, gratified, and blessed for the 20th year. Faith isn’t always in favor but it’s a must to make the mixing perfect for the formula of life. As cliche as it may sound, I’m breathing at this very moment, thanking all the people who have been witnessed and part of my journey, for adding a substance and color to my growing life. Maraming salamat! 


I’ve got a list for you

I love you


How I wish I don’t know love so I can accept yours and feel whole about it

How I wish I don’t know care so I can be satisfied by yours

How I wish I don’t know any words that can fill my heart 

So I can think that no words from you means you love me

How I wish I’m just a kid who knows nothing and be filled by your loving way.

How I wish I can accept you the way you are despite everything

How I wish…




Term Ender


Okay, okay.

Last semester is the worsest, most unfavorable, sickening sem I’ve ever had in my entire college life. Wanna know why?? check it here:  https://charizzalegisma.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/innocent-singko/

Fast Forward to the outing.

We planned of a beach outing since majority of us have a major addiction with the salty air, salty everywhere atmosphere.

It’s really gratifying to have cool peeps who says ‘yes’  to  my oh-so-lovely-planned-outing. ALWAYS!!


So, here it is! We went to BATANGASSS!! It isn’t that far but it’s a beach resort so it’s lovely for me. Sometimes I asked myself about why am I not a daughter of a senator or a ceo who owns a beach house??? why?????? Anyway, it’s really exciting or any word that describes the level of our excitements. I can still feel the stirring feeling though it’s almost 3 months ago (apologies for blogging it very very late my dear classmates. >.<)

Oh! and I just realized that I totally forgot the name of the resort.peace.

See the pictures!!!

img_6586img_6575img_6608feeling the moment hahahahha


img_6621I said hello to the sea and the sand 😄

img_6681…look how beautiful that is…


img_6697img_6695img_6705img_6669img_6701img_6713img_6721img_6724img_6732img_6750img_6772img_6777img_6792img_6794img_6809img_6815img_6827img_6828img_6861img_6868img_6886img_6967img_6865img_68664 because 4 is 4!

img_6965my paborito haha






                                                  jell-o fishyy


img_7022img_7020img_20161025_0829262img_20161025_143029This is what they call the “Simbahan ng Taal”

img_20161025_150722EVERYONE! you should really try this amazing lomi in batangas!!!!!!!!! ❤️



Oh! And to end the outing, we stopped by Tagaytay to see and of course, appreciate the beauty of this creature

To sum it up, that was hella fun!

 Jovie, BA, James, Ara, Marsh, Ging, Alec, Ja, Alex, Russel, Jovic, Ruel, Matty, Meiji, and Regine, thank you guys so much! I really hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. I hope this will happen again!

P.S: I promise the video will be up very soon!









I have a friend who gives it all

I love her so much and she’s very small

I got her and she got me

We’ve got some patterns in a different key

For God is so good, we’ve got plus ones

But still, I got her and she got me

Bliss is all over our body

Now we’re four, and we’re so happy

Like I said she gives it all

Then she called me… crying

“What happened?”, I asked her.

Every  word she said lingers in me with anger

People come and go


unfoolsih, foolish, acceptable, unacceptable

They hurt us all

She’s in pain, in so much pain

A person, the reason of her tears at night,

came and go left so fast

She’s healing and I’m here

Yeah, she is healing and I’ll just be here


Bilang isang estudyante sa kolehiyo, ang hangad ko lang ay pumasa at maka graduate ng nasa oras. Hindi ako matalino pero hindi ako bumabagsak sa unang tatlong taon ko sa Engineering sa Politeknikong Unibersidad ng Pilipinas. Hindi ko sinasabing hindi ako tamad mag aral pero hindi ako pumapasok sa eskwelahan ng walang sandata kapag may exam o kung anu man. Hindi ko rin hinangad na mapasama sa kahit anong ganap sa eskwelahan dahil uulitin ko, ang tanging hangad ko lang ay pumasa at maka graduate ng nasa oras.

Sa halos tatlong taon na pag aaral ko, iba ibang klaseng professor ang mga nakakasalamuha ko sa eskwelahan. May isang beses lang magpakita pero mag kaka-grade ka, may sobrang hirap mag pa-exam o yung mga tinatawag na terror pero wala naman sa tinuturo yung ineexam, at may mga sobrang gagaling na kaka-idol-an mo, at iba iba pa.

Lahat ng iyon nalagpasan ko. Yung iba nga hindi ko alam kung paano pero sa awa ng Diyos, nalagpasan ko. Tahimik lang ako. Hindi ako sipsip sa kahit sinong prof o kung anu man dahil ayoko ng kahit anung issue at uulitin ko, ang tanging hangad ko lang ay pumasa at maka graduate ng nasa oras.

Ngayon fourth year ako, napaka kampante ko sa mga subjects maliban sa dalawa, Numeth at Principles of Communications kasi sobrang galing nilang magturo at napaka hirap mag pa exam. Walang ibang ay kundi mag aral ng sobra. Nag aral ako at salamat sa Diyos nakapasa. Walo lang ang pumasa sa amin sa Numeth Labing siyam na singko at ang iba ay Inc na. Halos matulala na lang ako dahil hindi talaga ako makapaniwala. Naiyak ako sa sobrang tuwa at kahit alas nuebe na ng gabi, nag punta ako kay St. Jude.

Hanggang sa mangyari ang pinakamasklap na na karanasan ko sa buhay, nagka-singko ako…


We were warned in our Circuits 3 subject to don’t do any unnecessary things that may lead sa pangongopya, kung hindi, singko.

Personally, I’m used to singing in a very low tone during exam to relax my nerves. Natural na sakin yun.

During exam, Me and my friend Elaine coincidentally sung the same song in a very low tone “Oceans apart and it’s heavy on my heart 🎶”, looked at each other, then murmur-ly giggled. After a few minutes, may estudyanteng proctor na nag-cut ng nails sa harap ko. here’s our positionuntitled

the rectangle is the table. The proctor literally cut her nails in front of me. So, I looked at Elaine and said ‘Oh my God’ without any tone. And then the worst part is Nung natalsikan si Elaine nung nails nung proctor. My friend rolled her eyes on her. Sino ba naman hindi maiinis dun. Another proctor passed by and I heard him say, ‘Huy wag naman jan (he’s referring dun sa pag cu-cut ng nails) ngumiti lang yung proctor. Nag smirk ako sa kanya. And then she left. Pag balik nya, kasama nya na yung Chairperson namin telling us not to talk to each other otherwise we’ll get a minus points. The exam is over then someone told me that Mam Perez (our chairperson) told Sir Mutuc (our professor) that give us a minus points because we (me and elaine) were talking to each other. Sabi ko ” Shit, gg!”

I immediately talked to Mam Perez regarding Sir Mutuc’s rules about the exam. Explained to her every single detail. All I got is “Wala lang yun. Okay na yun.”

That’s relieving.

We planned to talk to Sir Mutuc the following days but given our busy finals week, we never had a chance.

…The nightmare happened on the 11th of October, 2016-tueasday…

Elaine and I decided to talk to Sir Mutuc after our last subject that day. We were walking towards his office until someone shouted ” May grade na sa Circuits 3.” Nagkatinginan kami nung kaibigan ko, naghagilap ng cellphone at tiningnan ang grade…

Ayun, ” 5-F”

I wanted to cry but nothing will happen if iiyak lang ako. I bravely spill every fair words to defend me and Elaine. Show us the paper and prove to us that we copied towards each other. “I beg you-please sir-maawa po kayo” nothing worked out. He never showed us the paper.

I was depressed. Torn between “what are we gonna do to fix this” and “how will i tell my parents (this is probably the hardest part).”

We have the best strategy about it. Go to Mam Perez and ask for help. If hindi nag work, go to the VPAA and ask for another help. It is all well-planned pero maayos man namin to, there is a fear na what if maging prof ulit namin sya at pahirapan ulit kami or hindi lang kami kundi ang buong klase namin.

Ang hirap dahil ang kalaban namin ay pride ng isang tao na mas may power samin.

Estudyante ang nag-sumbong sa kanya, pinakinggan nya. Estudyante rin kami, pero bakit hindi nya kami pinakinggan?

Anong Kredibilidad Ng Mga Estudyanteng Proktor na yun? I keep on asking myself.

Am I not worth listening? Dahil ba estudyante lang ako na hindi malapit sa kanya hindi nya na ko papakinggan?


Ang gulo, sobrang gulo. Pero para matapos na lang ito, tinanggap ko ang singko. Sobrang hirap man, for the sake na matapos na lang, sige, okay na.

Masyadong mataas ang tingin ko sa paaralan ko pero ibinababa ng mga gantong sistema.

Oo, nang dahil sa takot namin kaya hindi namin tinuloy ayusin to, masisisi mo ba kami?

Hanggang kailan ganito?

-ang tanging hangad ko lang naman ay pumasa at maka graduate ng nasa oras.

Reminder: Payback is a bitch.