The Sunday Currently-04


It’s a rainy sunday. I told myself to be productive today since I have a lot of work to do.


reading my report about Noise in Principles of Communication. It’s nice to know everything about this topic, it’s interesting.

writing the draft of my Erra’s Ramen experience and the 4th entry of The Sunday Currently.

listening to Stay by Lisa Loeb

thinking about Numerical Methods. Don’t know where to start reviewing for this one.😦 I pray to the old and the new Gods. Have mercy!please..please..

smelling this Cheddar Jalapeno Cheetos. préféré!!

wishing for a better week. for a holidays on saturdays. for a miracle to pass my Numeth exam.

hoping…really hoping to get a straight 8-hour sleep for this week. *CROSS-FINGERS*

wearing a Caliraya fun run singlet and a dotted sleepwear short.

loving my new Filmora video editing!!!My wish for the past 3 months had been granted!!

wanting to build a house beside Erra’s Authentic Ramen house for reals. Gahh!! I still have the taste of their tantanmen! Hijo ni oishidesu (very delicious)!!!

needing to finish all my school works tonight,,so that I can focus on my Numeth exam, Like really..

feeling a little needy for a tight hug and a coldstone.

That’s my Sunday so far. I’m trying to get in touch with my blog as often as I can,  given the very busy schedule in school. Hope everyone’s spending the best day of the week rightly!


Have an awesome week ahead! 🙂


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