Puerto Galera Escapade

Personally, there is this pleasure I feel whenever my feet touches the sand along the beach. I always want to feel the sun soaking in my pores while lying down the seashore. So when there is a beach outing, La Familia will never forget to ask me if I want to join, or else…

One sunny afternoon, my tita asked me if I want to come with them in Puerto Galera during Joan’s (my cousin) birthday. I told her, “Gosh tita, was that even a question? Opo sasama ako.haha.” I was in Manila when she asked me. I will be able to buy a gift and try to lessen my meal for a good beach figure hahaha (this never really come along) for there is still 2 more weeks before the birthday. 1 week before the birthday, I decided to spend the weekend in Laguna for I wouldn’t be able to go home the following week because of the birthday and to tell my mom about my tita’s invitation in Puerto. When I was about to tell her, she told me not to make any  commitment during next weekend for some I-don’t-know reason. “Ma! Sabi ng tita sumama daw ako sa birthday ni Joan!”  I yelled at her. “Sige sasabihin ko sa tita hindi ka na sasama”, she said. The accommodation is already booked so there’s no chance for me to back out of it. “Nay, nakakahiya sa tita!” still yelling at her. I did everything in my power as in everything just for her to say yes. I reached the point that she’s not even looking at me while I’m talking. I said, “Silence means yes mama.” She shouted over me and said, “HINDE!”  I’m so broke, you know. I didn’t talk to her the entire afternoon for I was so upset. Then I texted my aunt telling her that my mom didn’t allow me to join. Then she replied, “Magkausap na kami bago kita tinanong, pumayag na yan. Niloloko ka lang.” As in shit talaga. I gave that one to my mom and promise to get back to her SOON, maybe after Puerto para hindi na sya kumontra.

We left Batangas Port at around 10 AM and arrived at Puerto just exactly for lunch. I feel sleepy and the sun is really high so I decided to nap for an hour. We (me, tita, tito, jomar, Joan, and ate Mau) decided to go to the beach at around 4 to avoid too much sunlight. We ride the jetski that afternoon without realizing that the tide was getting high. Me and Ate Mau jump off the water 3 times because of too much tide while riding the jet ski (mind you, it’s really hard to drive that thing during high tide). We decided to ride the other water activities tomorrow morning and spend the rest of the day at the seashore. I love to hear the sound of the waves (ugh, so much eargasm!) while seating in the seashore, chatting with someone about random things,, definitely one of the bestest thing for me. We had a whole body massage along the beach which I actually experience for the first time and is also relaxing. Dinner went well and the food was so amazing. We walk at the beach front to see some fire dancers until we reach the hotel. We weren’t able to enjoy the nightlife at the beach because of tiredness and decided to sleep at around 11.

Good thing my Tito and Tita were used to waking up really early (as in 5 am, ganun. growing old stage. hahaha).  They gave us a call at around 6 am for breakfast. If it wasn’t for them, I’m going to miss the sunrise which is also one of my favorite part, so thanks! We went back to the hotel to change our clothes and go directly to the beach and feel the sun. My cousin, Jomar has so much love for water activities so we can’t leave Puerto without doing at least 3 water activities.

check out the pictures.

11752472_1032609886762867_6388443120725196447_n (2)11800351_1032594160097773_4560563005621981643_n11813335_1032605483429974_6400298342254295640_n (2)
11791640_1032669733423549_1356319663_n(one of the throw-ups we had jet skiing)

11703194_1032594670097722_683363347092786496_n1520641_1032583446765511_5470680608373992384_nI had French toast with bacon, butter and lemon syrup on the side for breakfast.


Water Activity no. 1: Dragon Boat.

I felt sleepy with this one. So I asked the one pulling us to throw us up into the water. Eventually, the ride became more interesting. hahaha


Water Activity no. 2: UFO

All you have to do here is to hold on tight. There’s no throwing-into the-water effect. You’ll just bounce the whole time.



Water Activity no. 3: FLying Fish

The ride goes this way: Only six (6) people were allowed to ride the flying fish. They (the operators) advised us not to continue if we have any major diseases (cardiovascular, cancer, etc.). It is a 30 minute ride and all you gotta do is hold on tight while a jet ski is pulling you. Sounds easy right?

But sometimes, being game for some extreme rides is somehow regretting. Me, Ate Mau, Joan, and Jomar are the ones who finally had the guts to try it. It seems to be easy at first but as the jet ski gets faster the flying fish gets higher. We’re 45 degrees inclined. The jet ski driver will try to put us into the water 4 times and I’m like “Pag hindi ako nalaglag kuya, libre na yung ride?” everyone laughed. During the first drop, Joan is the only one who dropped into the water. After the second drop, Ate Mau and Joan decided to ride the jet ski which leaves me and Jomar on the ride. The flying fish is 90 degrees inclined during the third and fourth drop and thank goodness we finished the ride without falling into the water. We’re so amazing hahahaha! It was my first time to ride the flying fish and I don’t think I’ll do it again.




We checked out at around 12 in the afternoon and landed to Batangas at around 2:45 PM.

That one was really fun! Body pain won’t last but memories will. So grab every memory you can and enjoy life. Au Revoir!





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