The Sunday Currently- 02

Gidday! Life has been a little busy the past week and I can’t wait to share to you guys my latest entries regarding those. I just got home so here I am…

reading my Internship Report made by your’s truly. One of my classmates asked me to send my report so I decided to read those flowery words I made from the  company I took my internship in.

writing The Sunday Currently-02. Gahhhh!! Have to be productive though.

listening to my mom’s nagging mechanism almost the entire day.  Seriously, she can’t get over of how dark my skin got. HELLO?? I went to the beach and summer only comes at once. If I could just…….. -ugh, Mother Earth, you’re just wasting your spittle *put earphones on, plays music* np: One Last Night by Vaults

thinking of what to do in my life.

smelling the cool odor of Ate Fely’s massage oil. It smell so good!

wishing to be more productive, patient, and understanding coz I really suck up when it comes to these three.

hoping for a better day tomorrow because today isn’t really a good one though. I’m with very insensitive people the whole day.

wearing a blue matchy sleepwear.

loving my newly laundered blanket. Someone gave me this during my debut. Time for it to use!

wanting a piece of mind.

needing a piece of mind, encouragement, and a cake.

feeling awful for myself.

Hayyy, life

I just hope everything will get better in time. It’s not my problem that I got to be with some insensitive, inconsiderate pips around me but it annoys me so much. The power of earphones always saves the day. Hope all of you were experiencing the opposite. Have a blast everyone!




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