Weekend Spent

Okay, so I am excited to blog this Batangas outing we had last weekend. It was planned several weeks ago and I knew that the beach outing I proposed was somehow not possible for my other friends because of their own personal alibis reasons. No hope! So I never bothered saving money, doing an itinerary, and so forth. Until my two lovely friends, BA and Rhovel had so much courage to go along and push the outing while the rest was indecisive about it, including me. Given the fact that our internship wasn’t done yet, we don’t have enough money, no lasting itinerary yet, and seems like there’s no actual plan for the outing makes me feel more indisposed. Thank God! Two days before the said date of outing, everything is set and planned rightly except for the money that we’ll be using. See the guts to plan for an outing without having any money? Haha. Me and my co-interns slash classmates slash friends was expecting to get our salary during Friday (supposedly, the last day of our internship and of course, the pay day)


“Hindi pa pwede kasi hindi pa nagagawa ni Sir Mel yung request para sa sweldo nyo” like, What the f*ck mam! Imagine na lahat kami ng mga kaklase ko badtrip! We extended for a week because of the As built of the whole building, stayed at the office until 2 am just to finish the AutoCad, I think we deserve the salary on time,  Geez! How demanding that company is. They should be thankful that Mam Kath is always there to save the day. Ugh, that girl makes everyone laugh!

Going back, my friends asked for a cash advance and thank goodness, natuloy kami!  We left Manila at around 3 in the afternoon and reached Nasugbu at 7 in the evening. We went to the grocery store to buy some grubs. Alec, our classmate, was the one who accompanied us since he was from there. His mom prepared the dinner and the rest of the foods that will be brought to the beach for us (we’re 7 including Alec, fyi) and shoutout to Tita for taking care of everything. Tee hee!

There will be a 3-minute boat ride from the port to the beach so we had to leave for it was already 8 in the evening. I’M SO EXCITED! *insert smiley with matching sunglasses emoji*

Ugggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Beach!… Sands in my toes, the salty air whipping pass my face, the tiny sound of waves! Gosh, what could be any better??

I.L.O.V.E. I.T

Me and my bestie, Elaine immediately change into our swim wear and went back right away. BA, Rhovel and Ruel were already playing volleyball in the water while Mico and Alec started to do the lounge-like sand formation that we’ll be seating at for the bonfire that turned as a coal-type griller of marshmallows. Hahaha

It should be like this..


And it turned out to be like this


Quite close!

While they’re doing this, Marsh and I was able to catch up sa mga ganap since we have a different company to take our internships in. Secrets you know, hihihi!

yeah,, mallows!!


The moon shines so bright and there’s so many stars in the sky. What a very lovely feeling that is. I feel so relax and happy while lying down the seashore just staring at those two lovely creature. Watta night!!

We woke up early to see the sunrise. This rock bar really caught my attention, it’s beautiful.


There o!


Time to go back and feel the morning breeze of the sea. Yay! It’s been a while since the last time I went to the beach so I told myself that I’ll never have a dull moment that day. Luckily, some of my friends also want to feel the water despite the smiling sun towards us. There’s no water activity at the resort (not sure if it’s a resort though, we rent a tent to sleep) so we played charades, and anything that can be played in the water. Maybe all of us were tired and longing for a peace of mind and a different ambiance so everything we did was just fun and laughter is everywhere.

More pictures!


I enjoyed the sun too much… Those tan lines though.


Probably this is the best picture for me. S/o to Mico, Rhovel, Marsh, Alec, Ruel, and BA for making this outing possible! I know I didn’t say this to you guys during the outing but thank you. It seems like an ordinary day for me but it’s not, I really enjoyed it. I always tell you guys this, “Ang galit ng magulang huhupa din, panandalian lang. Pero yung memories na mabubuo, that’s to remember a lifetime.” I will personally take that note in mind forever. That’s how I value friends *wink*

 I’m being too sweet. Lol

‘til the next jaunt guys! Ta-ta loves.

I’m a happy girl.


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