Baguio 2016


12 years ago since the last time I went to Baguio so I can’t barely remember anything there. My tatay’s election constituents won the post of Mayor and Vice Mayor so he decided to give the whole team a treat. It supposed to be Cebu but I don’t know what happened kaya Baguio na lang but it’s not bad at all. Maybe Cebu is too costly and distant for a 30 pax outing right? hahaha. Here it goes,

We left Lumban at 11 pm and waited at the SLEX stop over gasoline station for the other van (there are three vans fyi) and eat. After 20 minutes, we ran along and had a stopover once more at NLEX Shell gasoline station. I just kept eating though. Since Lolo Greg drives like a cheetah, we reached Baguio at around 7 in the morning. First stop is the Big head of the Lion (I don’t know exactly what is it called.) Took some pictures for a few minutes IMG_8090

and went directly to the transient house to drop off all the things and had breakfast at Good Taste. That was one hell of a breakfast though. The food was really good except that it took forever to serve ‘em. We went back to the transient house to rest and catch some breath. The group decided to cook lunch and leave after. I really don’t have an idea regarding the itinerary since there’s a lot of nagbibida-bidahan, my mom and I never even bother asking. I don’t know, we never wanted to take part of any decisions if we’re not being ask for it.

Then we went to Burnham Park ( kapatid ni Sandara. Lol) nagmistula akong photographer, tuwang tuwa talaga ako. Dribs of rain occurred so the thunders (the maatanda) decided to leave. HELLO??? Pwedeng mamangka muna? Kahit 10 minutes lang. Jusme, bumili na lang ako ng strawberry taho (na sobrang sarap talaga!! Like !@#$%^!!)  at naka dalawa ako. Kung pwede lang mag uwi eh. Lumbenos should know how to make this strawberry tahooooo. We went to the Cathedral to attend the mass since we have nowhere to go because of the rain and then went to Sm for dinner and to buy some stuff. I’m a bit annoyed because I asked my father if he can buy me a havaianas since we’re already there and it will take him so long to visit me in Manila again. He told me that the variety in Manila is so much better than what’s in Baguio ( R.E.A.S.O.N.S !!!). “Fine!” I told him. Then later on when we’re about to leave, my mom saw a cute slippers in Celine and my VERY GENEROUS FATHER bought it right away. Therefore, I conclude that there is no fairness going on in this family. To my dismay, I went to the bed the moment we arrived then I heard them saying,

Papa the very generous: Dapat Ibinili mo na ma! Ikaw talaga.

Mama the monster: Aba, ikaw laang ang iniintay ko kanina!

…which made me even more irritated. I wanted to take a bus that night going to Manila, no joke.

I woke up hearing my mom’s voice. Asking me to grab my breakfast. I don’t wanna ruin the entire jaunt just because of a slipper so I just told them na hindi sila nakakatuwa talaga. Then they laugh. Amazing parents!

We have the whole day to enjoy the cool breeze outside. Here are some photos!


We went back to burnham to try the boat! HAHAHA I won’t go home without experiencing everything noh!


I wasn’t able to take photos in Wright Park since I was riding the horse and my lovely mother didn’t even bother taking at least one picture of a horse, goodness!

It was just 5 in the afternoon but I was very tired! I even insisted to go home and rest since we will be going to the famous Night Market here in Baguio. Honestly, I didn’t plan to buy anything because I was looking for something unique to eat that night specifically with Lettuce (I have so much love for Lettuces!). Thankfully i did!  I found a ‘footlong’ seller (the typical hotdog sandwich in Manila) and I noticed that she’s doing it differently. I forgot to have a picture of that deliciously hotdog sandwich with Lettuce for I was enjoying it badly! That covers my night. I keep on telling it to my mom the entire night.

The next day, I planned to wake up early to see and feel Baguio for it was our last day. Look how beautiful it was


The fog is just in front of me and it’s very cold! I had a coffee alone and it’s a very genuine feeling to just sit and look at the view while having a cup of happiness.

The remaining hours is for breakfast, preparation to leave, and La Trinidad, my most awaited part! why? s.t.r.a.w.b.e.r.r.i.e.s


Taho again


Then ice cream naman!


Me: Eto na!!!! Naka plastic na!!! Iuuwi ko na!!!!


I wanna have a lettuce farm pag yaman ko!

Since I finished buying stuffs for my friends, I just waited for the parentals who is enjoying themselves buying a basket full of veggies. They’re so into gulay and I’m not.

We left at around 11 pm. Had lunch and dinner along the way home and reached Lumban at 10 pm.

Baguio, it was nice seeing you again.


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