Intern-searching 101

Intern-searching Experience

I certainly knew at first that working isn’t really for me. Thinking of how life would be so boring, doing the same thing again and again every single time during work really bothers me.  I even told my mom that I can study and stay in school for my entire life (that really annoys her. haha). “Jusko anak, pano kami ng tatay mo? Pwede kang mag aral pero ikaw na ang magpa-paaral sa sarili mo”, she said. She even told me that I have to have a business of my own in my case which I found really hard to start off for beginners like me (yeah I took the liberty of checking, lol). I’m not really into business. I didn’t show the parentals of any interest with the Barong and Formal (our business). As in I can really stay in school forever. I’ve got a lot of plans in my life but working isn’t one of those, lol weird?? How can I even buy the things I want without having a job, right? Cruel world it is.

When the 2nd term started, my classmates were chattering about this on-the-JOB training thing that will start right away after holy week. Wait… WHAT?? Job? Oh my god, job? So i–i have to work?? But wait… Sh*t! How about summer? How about my summer? How about my plans?  I planned of spending the whole day in bed! I intended myself to watch a bunch of series for the entire summer! How was that going to happen?? I waited the whole year for summer to come and then I only have one effin week to do all my plans????? NO! That’s totally unfair. Those questions keep on flashing in my head for weeks.

I already had the courage to ask my friends about the applications, details, etc. regarding the internship. So I held all my power and think of ways on how to spend my ohhh-soo-planned summer vacation at the same time, making hours for my internship. What’s the use of having a father who’s literally one call away?

Papa: “Anak bakit?”

Me: “ De, kailangan ko po ng mapag oo-jt-han. Required po kasi sa school, ayakong mapagod papa”

Papa: “ Sige sige, tatawagan ko si Mam Ayin (HR of a powerplant company in Lumban)”

Me: “Gosh, papa salamat po”


Ganun lang sya kadaling kausap. He never wanted long conversations, I don’t know why. When I asked something from him, his answer is mostly yes except when I asked him to let me use the motorcycle. But Goodness! Knowing him, I’m a hundred percent sure that my internship will soon be arranged. *v*

When days passed by, my friends were all bothered about the internship because they have nowhere to go as of the moment. It seems that they really want a company where EE practices will surely be exercised. I started asking questions to myself, ‘oh no! Does it have to be as big deal as this?’ ‘Are they seriously looking for a good company?’ ‘Do they really want to learn a lot?’… Somehow, I begun to think of joining them but, how about my summer?? L That’s one big problem though. 3 days and I’m still thinking of what to do. My dad already told me that everything is good and all I have to do is send him my resume then this whole thing will be settled. “Sinabi ko kay Mam Ayin wag kang pahirapan”, he said. And that makes me more confused knowing that I have nothing to do while my friends are learning a lot of things. I also started sending resumes online to some companies which I think will be helpful for me with regards to my field. After a day, I checked my email to confirm my youtube account, then I saw an email sent to me 2 days ago. Shell replied to my email telling me that I’m in for an interview. I’m like, “OH MY GOD! Shell yun!”  The happiness I felt at that very moment was really unforgettable. Walang paglagyan yung saya ko. I immediately called my mom and told her about the good news. The convo didn’t went good all along. My mood turned into sadness when she didn’t allow me to go to the interview. She told me that CBK (the powerplant in lumban that my dad applied me for) is enough. She completely didn’t know anything about Shell’s offer for interns. But then, they’re still my parents and I’m being paid rightly by them so…they won.

2 weeks before the term break, I made up my mind to join my friends for the entire internship period without thinking of what the parentals will say. We decided to do OJT Hunting. I’m so excited because it totally sounds fun and exciting. We started along Recto Avenue to Quezon City. Applied for 3 companies and I feel so tired and badly wanted to go home. Everyone except me wants to go to the last company that we‘re supposed to apply. Majority wins, so we proceeded. When were at the Company, we have no idea that we are talking to the President. He’s so jolly that he asked my classmate (Jovie) to sing. After that, we were assessed. The company looks amazing and thrilling that makes me feel excited. The HR head told us that there is an allowance for interns that makes me feel more excited! We were asked to start on Monday after the week we were assessed but sadly, we still have final exams in school so preferably, we will start on Monday after Holy Week. I’ll just swallow all the naggings that my mom will conduct. Anyway, I’m really excited and can’t wait to start. This is all new and it’s been a long time since I met new people. This one shall be great though.


( To your left is Ruel followed by BA then Christian and Nicol. To your right is Mico (Half Face captured.haha) then Rhovel, Jovie and me)



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