Ramen Love

Earlier this year, my sister asked me if I want to come with her and her friends to experience some Japanese taste in Ramen Nagi. I have much to appreciate and love for Japan, I said yes. Since then, I started loving ramen. So I  searched to the internet about the best and authentic ramen around Manila. Ramen Nagi is #1 on the list.

Last Wednesday, my classmate Alec told me that he knows a ramen house along Malate and immediately planned to go there after this week. So I went to google, searched “Ramen House in Malate, manila” then poof! Erra’s Authentic Ramen House. It’s not that costly and there’s really a lot of positive reviews in the internet. I felt extremely excited so i tried asking my room  mates if we can go that night (by the way, it’s 9:30 in the evening na) They said no because they still have to go to work the following day. I insisted but still got no luck. I lay down in my bed and saved  my craving until next week. 15 minutes after, Rhovel messaged me asking me to tell Jovie regarding his earphones coz it’s missing. While he’s being really bothered by his missing earphones, I rather ask him if he wants to go and have ramen with me that night…”Tara. Sino kasama?” I blink my eyes twice , baka namamalik-mata lang ako. Shocks umoo sya, okay,,sigee,,,mag raramen kami tonight.my gosh!! He also asked my other classmates if they want to come with us, and yes, they did came with us.

Rhovel, BA, Mico, James, Alec, Jovie, and me

We arrived there at 12 midnight. KINIKILIG AKO! pero behave lang ako but I’m screaming inside. Tantanmen costs 100 php only. (parang may mga diamond yung mata ko na kumikinang-kinang pa while looking at the menu.)


That Ramen house deserves all the positive reviews. 10 minutes serving after order, and the ‘oh-so-mura’ price is incredibly great. I wanna have a house near them HAHA

We also stopped by a convenient store to get some ice cream. Lawson’s twirl to the max idea is a heartwarming feeling for ice cream lovers.haha So ayun, pagka ramen, ice cream naman. ganoin!


I will not let this blog end without thanking my friends. Paulit ulit kong sinasabi to and maybe nagsasawa na kayo but  Thank you! Thank you so much for always being there, saying ‘yes’ to my wants no matter the late late hours and conflicts.

I’m not unfair but I’ll admit that I have favorites. Rhovel, thanks for being a bestfriend to me. 🙂

We arrived at around 2:30 am in Pureza

and my night was simply amazing.


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