The internship opportunity I had with SuperServe Corporation was a great chance for learning and professional progress with regards to my field. Consequently, I ponder and contemplate myself lucky for I had the chance to explore beyond what I supposed and thought my scopes and limits would be. As so, a chance of meeting and knowing other people around is one of the best thing happened in my entire internship so thank you!

Expressing my genuine appreciation and thankfulness to the following:

To Sir Marcelo C. Pasco, President of Superserve Corporation, for accepting and allowing me to share my thoughts and knowledge and be part of this tremendous establishment.

To Engr. Mark Joseph Pasco, for being open-handed with all of his possessions and gears to help me learn, expand and practice my proficiency regarding EE.

To Engr. James Serrano, Engr. Gerard Orteza, and Engr. Melchor Mula Cruz, for being my subsistence and guiding professionals all throughout the internship period with regards to any matter of Engineering, my cognizance was with the three of you.

To SSC’s hardworking staff, arrays, and apprentices who’s always been generous, kind and patient in giving me the courage to learn and cope with all the works and mechanisms in the corporation since the beginning until the end of my internship.

To my co-interns and friends for taking a stand all the time whenever I need a helping hand and for encouraging me to give my best in everything. You guys are deeply appreciated.

To my Mom and Dad, for all the love, support and help regarding my internship applications all the way, encouragement when I’m really down and blue, understanding when I’m a bit pre-occupied with the things going on, and patience in raising me all this years. I love you both so much.

Lastly, to the one up there, God, for being such a great provider and blessing me with all the people stated above.





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