Happy Easter everyone!!!! I was actually finalizing my requirements for my internship and I was able to gather everything I need in such a short time so here I am, so very very happy to do my Sunday Currently!!! 


reading my previous Sunday Currently since I barely forgot the contents. I’m kidding. I’m so happy!!!!!

writing The Sunday Currently 08. It’s just a month and a half since my last post yet it feels like it’s almost 5  months. Maybe because I blog too much before but given that I’ve got tons of things to do regarding my studies, I have no choice. But believe me, I’d rather prioritize blogging. JOKE!!😄✌️(-s are half meant to be

listening to Moana’s How Far I’ll Go coz I AM MOANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. I tell everyone that. ☺️

smelling these puto but siopao look-a-like that my mother bought in Quiapo. Everytime my mother gets a chance to run a quick errand in Quiapo, She never forget to buy those. But honestly, It taste amazing!

wishing that:

-I will enjoy my new internship

-all the bitches texting my father have a terrible life

-my mom will lessen her snobbishness to my father

hoping for a better experience in my internship and goodness all over the world. You know, Jesus has risen! Woohoo!!

wearing my jammies and an apple green sando. Yeah, I love being at home. A little sad that vacation is over and excited at the same time. NGCP, here I come!!!!!!

needing to see my boo.. hihi

I had a roller coaster ride-kind of emotions last week. I’m praying for the better things to happen in my life and my family.

Happy Easter Sunday everyone! Annyeong!




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