For This Day



Today we celebrate the most powerful thing of all in the universe- LOVE.

We often think of it as a celebration of 2 people who mutually feel some romance and love between them right?

Yeahhhhh, raining flowers and chocolates on my timeline later for sure. lol

Guysssssssss, this is a celebration for us to remind and remember the people who truly love us and how love is very essential to all of us  like friends and family and for some reasons, I find it more special when I spend this day with my friends or family.

In my case, I mostly spend my valentine’s day with my parents at home. Though I have someone who, you know. hahaha but right now, I’m about to take a bath coz I’ve got a class. haha

I made this blog for others to know that Valentine’s day isn’t for lovers alone but for anyone who truly love someone like families and friends so seize and enjoy the day fellas!

P.S. Don’t forget to greet your parents!! 💞

P.S.S. I’ve got you a list of songs that will make you feel that love is in the airrrrrr!!💙💙💙

  1. The Way you Look Tonight- Frank Sinatra
  2. Fast Car- Tracy Chapman 
  3. Tonight I Celebrate my Love- Peabo Bryson and Roberta Flack
  4. In Your Arms- Kina Grannis
  5. Everything- Michael Buble
  6. Best Day of My Life- American Authors
  7. Can’t Help falling in Love- Elvis Presley
  8. Unchained Melody- Righteous Brothers
  9. Waiting in Vain- Bob Marley
  10. Iris- Goo Goo Dolls

1oth is my fav because of the movie  ‘City of Angels’  who featured one of my fav actress Meg Ryan.

Happy Valentine’s Day!








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