Term Ender


Okay, okay.

Last semester is the worsest, most unfavorable, sickening sem I’ve ever had in my entire college life. Wanna know why?? check it here:  https://charizzalegisma.wordpress.com/2016/10/27/innocent-singko/

Fast Forward to the outing.

We planned of a beach outing since majority of us have a major addiction with the salty air, salty everywhere atmosphere.

It’s really gratifying to have cool peeps who says ‘yes’  to  my oh-so-lovely-planned-outing. ALWAYS!!


So, here it is! We went to BATANGASSS!! It isn’t that far but it’s a beach resort so it’s lovely for me. Sometimes I asked myself about why am I not a daughter of a senator or a ceo who owns a beach house??? why?????? Anyway, it’s really exciting or any word that describes the level of our excitements. I can still feel the stirring feeling though it’s almost 3 months ago (apologies for blogging it very very late my dear classmates. >.<)

Oh! and I just realized that I totally forgot the name of the resort.peace.

See the pictures!!!

img_6586img_6575img_6608feeling the moment hahahahha


img_6621I said hello to the sea and the sand 😄

img_6681…look how beautiful that is…


img_6697img_6695img_6705img_6669img_6701img_6713img_6721img_6724img_6732img_6750img_6772img_6777img_6792img_6794img_6809img_6815img_6827img_6828img_6861img_6868img_6886img_6967img_6865img_68664 because 4 is 4!

img_6965my paborito haha






                                                  jell-o fishyy


img_7022img_7020img_20161025_0829262img_20161025_143029This is what they call the “Simbahan ng Taal”

img_20161025_150722EVERYONE! you should really try this amazing lomi in batangas!!!!!!!!! ❤️



Oh! And to end the outing, we stopped by Tagaytay to see and of course, appreciate the beauty of this creature

To sum it up, that was hella fun!

 Jovie, BA, James, Ara, Marsh, Ging, Alec, Ja, Alex, Russel, Jovic, Ruel, Matty, Meiji, and Regine, thank you guys so much! I really hope you enjoyed it as much as i did. I hope this will happen again!

P.S: I promise the video will be up very soon!









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