Let me share to you a quick story of how amazing this day is.

Today is the Live Pure Conference 2016. Live Pure is a Catholic pro-life youth movement committed to lead teenagers and young professionals to a life of real freedom, total happiness and true love by teaching the virtue of chastity.

During the event,  multiple talks, sharers, video clips, worship songs were shown to us. And it brought me to one major, incredible realization:

God doesn’t just want me to be filled with his love, but rather change me as a better person by his over flowing love.

See how lucky we are for that. The moment that we open our eyes in this world, may plano na agad ang Diyos para satin. Have faith, and He’ll do the rest.


“I once had a boyfriend who said he loves me. Pure bliss is all over the place back then. Lahat naman siguro masaya sa simula. We were able to manage everything together though we’re far apart. Ang galing! Ang saya saya. Sobrang nag tiwala ako, minahal ko ng punong puno kasi mahal nya daw ako. Few months after, everything went cold. Bangayan dito, bangayan doon. Puro sumbatan at away araw araw. Hanggang dumating sa point na mas okay pang hindi na lang kami nag uusap. Kung mag uusap man kami, mauuwi lang din sa awayan. I realized that I had to make a decision. I broke up with him kasi alam kong yun ang makakabuti sa amin dalawa. Masakit. Sobrang sakit! Nag fa-flash back sakin lahat ng magandang nangyari. It stings when I remember the times na punong-puno ng pagmamahal ang paligid dahil namin. It is so so painful. I had to get along with the pain myself. What hurts me more is that 2 weeks after the break up, he is already courting someone else. Iyak!! I was so so down and sad.

I pray. I asked God why? Why does it have to be this painful? How can I get over this? Is that the love I deserve?? I was filled with so much confusion in myself.

I had to call my ex. Everything went good. When we’re about to have a peaceful seperation, he told me,” Maybe you should lower your standards and perspectives.”

That last sentence that he told me is the one that opened my eyes.

Yeah, I questioned myself but then I realized that I deserve so much more than that.  Hindi ako perpekto pero ginawa ko ang lahat para mag work ang napaka unhealthy na relationship na binigay nya sakin. I pray, several times.

Few months later, naging okay na ko. Yung okay na iingatan ko na yung puso ko, yung handa ako sa kahit ano pero mag iingat, yung alam kong sabi ng Diyos sa akin, “I got you boo, Papa is to the rescue” Shocks, kinikilig ako!!! hahahaha

God has His own time table. Nung mga oras na nag dadasal ako dahil sobrang sakit, sinasabi nya pala sakin na  “wait ka lang jan, ibibigay ko sayo yung pagmamahal na umaapaw”

Until, may nanligaw sakin. He declared himself to me when we’re on 1st yer college and that was 3 years ago form now. I never knew that until now, he still admires me. Sobrang tinanggap nya lahat lahat ng about sa akin. Yung parang hindi pa ko nakatok pero bukas na yung pinto nya para sakin. “Ganyan kita kamahal” are the words that linger my head na sinabi ng Diyos sa akin.

I honestly don’t deserve any, but God hugged me as tight as He can to fade all my pain away. No matter how many times I fail him..again and again and again, He will always be more than grateful to help me.

…At yan ang tadhana namin dalawa ng Diyos ko.


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