Life Lately


It’s a gloomy midnight, been a while since the last time I posted here in my blog. Yas!  I’ve been really really busy about the things going on in my life, mostly about college…my college life.

I’ve been with some major adjustments  for the betterment of my being. Since most of the profs wants us to be well-educated (which is a new and a good thing). It’s time for me to focus more of my studies. Back then, our professors had been full of words regarding their modules and syllabus. Some of them didn’t even show up the entire semester and shockingly, we will have a grade. No lucky coincide,didn’t even hear a single word regarding the subject.

So yeah, since I noticed that every professor is doing their part at the moment, mine as well should do it. Despite the haphazardly placed  work to do in every subject, thank God I’m still standing.

Also, something terrible happened at home involving my not-so-nice attitude. I had a major misunderstanding with my mom and dad which I really don’t wanna remember. I’m such a dumb piece of crap doing that to my parents. I supported myself for a week since I don’t want to ask anything from them. I even asked them to just send me to Singapore and let me live there alone. Syempre, they disagree (like always). Thankfully, everything went well during Father’s day. I said sorry and tell them that it’ll not happen again.

–Dumb clang, you almost killed your mom!–

Work is just around the corner all the time. I realized that my life is really boring nowadays. I don’t wanna be stuck solving bunch of math problems while my teenage life is moving up. So I decided to renew my passport (using my own money) and try and do my best to go to Hong Kong and SG alone later this year without asking any financial support from the parentals. That’s what you call life!

Lately, I’m just enjoying, appreciating and loving all the good foods and things happening in my life. Ramen, Lawson’s “twirl to the max” charcoal ice cream, Avocado shake, people who never get tired  of hearing my wildest, craziest plans and dreams for my life. Always thankful to have ’em.

I also miss Jella, Anneth, and Danni so so much. Luwas kayo please!! Ramen tayo!

That has been my life, realizations, and plans lately. Hope you guys were doing well as well! And I hope I will be able to write more despite the busy schedule.

Have a good life! 🙂


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