Starting Point

Let me start this thing with a brief introduction about myself. My name is Charizza de Ramos Legisma more commonly known as ‘clang’. I’m  19, mainly from Lumban, Laguna and currently taking up Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (which isn’t a very common course to take up for a lady. Yes I’m a Lady haha)  in PUP-Manila.  Basically, I pictured myself sharing everything I love (food, experiences, people, places, etc.) through blogging so here I am starting something new in my life rightly. I know this blogging thing will be fun and I’ll be happy to share every single detail of my existence (which may be a positive or a negative hit)  and let you know that life has so much more to offer. Yeah that was brief though, lol.

Note to self: Always think of everything in a positive way.


Im a newbie so please bear with me


When the going gets a little lite, i’ll try to make my blog more satisfying! Enjoy!

SAM_1406 (2).JPG

    (To give you an idea of my face, that’s

best regards,



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